About 3D heater

The 3D heater is a heater with the resistance heating scheme by rolling the porous aggregate <Palblat> spirally and heating electrically.
There are two types of 3D heater depending on the shape of the Palblat. One with the alumina tape rolled in between Palblats for insulation purpose and the other is Palblat itself without alumina tape forming alumina directly on the flattened Palblat.

Watch a video of 3D heater

Palblat + Alumina tape / Alumina-forming Palblat

Three features of 3D heater

High Temperature:
Rise up to 1000°C.
Bacteria and dust also burned out at once.
Speed ​​heating:
Temperature rise in the astonishing speed.
Up to 600°C in just 120 seconds.
Rectification effect:
Passes through the air uniformly,
uniform temperature in the heater

High temperature

Up to 1000°C with a special alloy

The 3D heater metal is made out of a special alloy consists of iron, chromium and aluminum. The electrical resistance of this special alloy is very high which makes 3D heater to generate the heat up to 1000°C.
The water becomes steam instantly at 100°C. The dust, the organic matter and the bacteria are also incinerated at 200°C or higher and then all are disappeared.
This capability has been adapted into a variety of products like the sterilization, the deodorization and the steam heated cooking.

Speed ​​heating

600°C in just 120 seconds

By the phenomenal heat transfer rate of 95% on the 3D heater, its temperature will rise up in the astonishing speed.*1
It reaches a high temperature of 600°C in just 120 seconds even with 100V current. This speed will not slow down up to 1000°C.
*1. For medium texture Φ200 × 50mm in 3D heater

Speed ​​heating

Rectification effect

Uniform temperature in uniform pass

Usually when the gas passing through the tunnel-like tube, the closer to the center, the more air will flow. And the deviation of the air leaves an effect when it is going through like filters and the exhaust air also creates a bias towards the center where more air flows.

In 3D heater, however because the internal ultra-fine irregularities is so compacted, the air hit their walls around and proceed through the various route to escape. By this process, the air is uniformly discharged (rectifying effect)
By the rectifying effect, the heat of 3D heater is utilized efficiently to every nook and corner and the temperature of the heater inside is kept uniform.

The heating pattern and its application

As 3D heater achieves a very hot dense space of ultra-fine irregularities, it can be adapted in a variety of products depending on the object going through.

Liquid heating - Heater heating part is soaked in liquid. Application: Evaporation of the liquid and etc. Gas heating - The heater heating portion is in the gas. Application: Air purification, oil mist, deodorization, and etc. Metal heating - The heat generating portion of heater is in contact with the metal. Application: Surface heater, Heating power generator