Ultra-high-speed cooking at 600 ~ 800°C with superheated steam - Ultra-high temperature superheated steam of 960°C created by 3D heater, has revolutionized the cooking process providing a delicious, healthy food.

About the steam heating

The superheated steam is a gas that has a high temperature state of above 100°C by boiling the water and overheating it further to the vapor state. Superheated steam oven used to cook with the superheated steam is widely used as a cooking device for business use as well as for home use because it can cook without breaking any nutrition and taste.
Steam temperature of a superheated steam oven for business type is about 300°C ~ 400°C, but in the superheated steam oven using the 3D heater of OPARZ, it can generate superheated steam of overwhelming temperatures as high as 600 ~ 800°C. This ultra-high temperature superheated steam was able to improve significantly the conventional attractiveness such as delicious, healthy, high-speed of superheated steam oven by this ultra-high temperature superheated steam.

Simple structure

Superheated steam oven of OPARZ has a very simple structure compared to the conventional superheated steam oven.
Reason for this is that it uses the same 3D heater as used both in the steam reheat unit and the steam generator. It became very compact in size and very simple and does not require the high-frequency induction heating equipment nor the pressure boiler as seen in the conventional oven.



The size of the superheated steam oven of OPARZ has a compact size that fits on top of the normal worktop while keeping the high performance of ultra-high temperature superheated steam. No construction is required at all to install without having to occupy a special floor because it is small enough to right fit in the conventional cooking space.


Speed ​​cooking

The steam temperature of the superheated steam oven in business use is usually 300°C ~ 400°C. The cooking speed can be shortened in less than a half of normal business operations because the 3D heater can generate superheated steam of temperatures as high as 800°C.

ingredient time (m)
Steak (150g) 3
Chicken (breast meat 200g) 6
Frozen Pizza (20cm) 3
Gratin (30cm) 3
Frozen shrimp 3

Other examples of cooking