Available in a wide range of applications from normal environment to advanced clean area

Because of one-pass sterilization...

For use in emergency

Perfect Clean is the only device in the world which disappear all bacteria in a single pass called "one-pass sterilization" no matter how badly the air contaminated is.

The feature of "one-pass sterilization" can demonstrate the most is the scene of an emergency. The Perfect Clean can be brought in the infection control site where there is a risk of an influenza pandemic and in the unexpected emergency surgery scene to clean the air at once.

As other applications for such an emergency, it can be used at the field hospital, in the airplane, and in the ambulance as well.

Hospital operating room / Intensive care unit, Field hospital Plane / Ambulance, Hospital waiting room

No filter required...

Therefore it is available always

The Perfect Clean does not need any maintenance such as filter replacement. All it requires is a household 100 volt outlet. It keeps working to purify the air in 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with no maintenance at all.

The reason for this is that it does not require any filter like an air purifier and that the system cleans the air only by heat incineration 3D heater. Since no maintenance like replacing filters is required, it is really economical resource-saving. So, it is the best suited for use at all times in the day-to-day space.

In the hospital room or waiting room of a general hospital, it is possible to prevent the hospital-acquired infection by sterilizing the space at all times.
It is suitable to use consistently for other space as well such as the food processing plants and the space station, etc.

Hospital waiting room, Meat processing plant, Space station